Rantisi, the FOUNDER of Hamas, Assassinated

Folks, as you already know, Israel assassinated Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi in a missile strike on his car Saturday, part of its declared campaign to wipe out the Islamic militant group’s leadership.

Israeli government sources said they had struck at the first available opportunity, but had to wait for weeks because Rantisi had surrounded himself with children.

In addition to being a coward, who was Rantisi?

He was a mass murderer who used terror and killed innocent men, women, and children.

He founded Hamas with Yassin and he is the chief of the terror organization and he is responsible for the deaths of 377 Israeli civilians.

Rantisi, Yassin and five other men founded Hamas in 1987 at the start of a first uprising against Israel.

The group grew into one of the region’s largest militant Islamic factions and called for a Muslim Middle East without a Jewish state.

Rantisi was a racist. Rantisi was a xenophobe. Rantisi was a bigot.

Rantisi’s Hamas is responsible for most of the 112 homicide bombings that have killed 465 people on the Israeli side during 3 1/2 years of violence.

Rantisi did not believe that Israel has the right to exist.

Abdel Aziz Rantisi in his own words:

“By God, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine. We will fight them with all the strength we have. This is our land, not the Jews.”

From his hospital bed on June 10, 2003. Rantisi suffered light shrapnel wounds following an Israeli missile strike on his car in Gaza City.

On Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:

“A liar, terrorist, Nazi, with G-d’s help Hamas will strike all of Israel a blow and will kill both Sharon the cur and his friend Peres.”

About Suicide Bombers:

“I congratulate them. They will teach the Jewish mothers in Haifa, Tel Aviv and everywhere that our blood is not cheap.

On the borders of Palestine:

“There is no difference between Akko, Haifa, Gaza, Jaffa or Nablus. The Palestinian Intifada will continue until the last Zionist is banished.”

On the Road Map peace proposal:

“This is a Zionist conspiracy against the Palestinian people. Our armed resistance will not stop. On the contrary, Hamas will reach deep into the cities of Israel.”

About terrorism:

“This is the answer to the Zionist terrorism, in the future we will multiply the suicide bombing attacks and we will carry out operations that will shock the Jews.”

On the explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia:

“… The explosion of the shuttle Columbia is, it is reasonable to assume, part of the divine punishment of America and, together with it, Zionism – because of their massacres of Muslims, the destruction of their lives, the humiliation of their honor, and their desire to globalize corruption…” – Hamas Web site, 2/2/03.

Well, folks, looks like Rantisi is going to have to answer to God for those statements now.

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