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Canada Seeks Clarity on U.N.-Hamas Link

Ottawa says it will investigate whether or not Canadian money is being used to fund a group the nation considers a terrorist organization.

Israeli officials Sunday said United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East supports Hamas and demanded the United Nations investigate the agency head, Peter Hansen, Ha’aretz reported Monday.

Hansen has for years has expressed anti-Israeli, biased, unrestrained positions and statements, Dan Gillerman, Israel’s UN ambassador, told Israel Radio.

In addition, Israel released a picture it says shows a U.N. vehicle being used to move a rocket for Hamas.

When contacted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Hansen said, Oh, I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll, and I don’t see that as a crime. Hamas as a political organization does not mean that every member is a militant, and we do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another.

The Canadian government, which gives some $10 million yearly to UNRWA, said it would be deeply concerned should Hansen’s remarks have been taken in context and said it will immediately seek clarification from Mr. Hansen directly and from U.N. authorities. (Big News Network)

Rote Note: Not merely HAMAS, but Hezbolla as well. The UN shares a terrorist camp (and information) with the Hezbolla on the Southern Lebanese border. Sometimes their Iranian friends stop by and chat up new ways of killing children on buses. At their entrance way, one is greeted with a billboard of captured (and ill looking) Israeli soldiers with the caption in Hebrew reading: We have your sons. This does not seem to bother their UN guests, scared out of their gourd as usual. We know this because if we were 25 feet closer to a pack of them, one of them would have been a lucky recipient of a Double R jackboot lodged up their arse. The miscreants of malcontent had to settle for a Bronx cheer as they blankly stared towards us, wondering if we just hand signaled to them: “One beer please.”


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