Rachel Corries’ family is suing Caterpillar

This is ‘effin hilarious. What a bunch of opportunistic leeches. Folks, the parents of a 23-year-old Rachel Corrie who chose to play Chicken – and lost – while trying to prevent the demolition of a “palestinian” home is suing Caterpillar Inc., the company that made the bulldozer that crushed her anti-American, Jew-hating body.

See, folks, March 16 is the second anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s idiotic decision to commit suicide by challenging an Israeli bulldozer driver to a game of chicken.

Corrie won the game, at the cost of her life.

Steve Plaut astutely writes:

Corrie was in Israel as part of the Solidarity-with-Terrorism delegations sent in by the pro-terror ISM (International Solidarity Movement), an organization of anti-Israel propagandists in designer jeans, all in close, indeed slavish, coordination with the PLO. The ISM pro-terrorists have set up a memorial web site to lie about how she died. They are holding a big Bash-Israel commemoration in Oakland this week.

Corrie has become the martyr saint for the Islamofascist movements. The ISM hates Jews so much that it is willing to demonize Arab Israeli patriots as part of its jihad against Zionism. The ISM is not simply an innocent, if evil, fringe campus debating society. Within Israeli territories, its members have actively collaborated with terrorists. They have hidden weapons and wanted terrorists in their offices. The local ISM offices hosted two Moslem suicide bombers from the UK, who had entered Israel as “peace activists,” only to blow a Tel Aviv bar to smithereens the next day.

In fact, Corrie died protecting smuggling tunnels, used to smuggle in explosives and weapons that Palestinians use to mass murder Israeli children on buses and other living things. Israeli troops were demolishing houses astride the tunnels in order to dynamite the tunnels when Corrie decided to challenge them. Like all ISM members, Corrie believed the PLO and its affiliates have an unalienable right to murder Jews, and that Jews trying to stop the terrorists must be hindered and harassed. That is the whole reason why ISM routinely sends its campus “anarchists” to Israel. It should be noted that ISM does not send its members to protect Chechnyan terrorists from Russians nor to protect Baathists in Fallujah, because they know how non-Israelis would handle such trouble-makers.

Ironically, the very fact that they come to Israel and not to other countries is testimony to Israel’s democracy, openness, tolerant nature, and probably excessive patience. Corrie was a US Flag-burning extremist, someone who clearly sympathised with Palestinians conducting murder, but felt no “solidarity” at all for the Israeli children murdered by terrorists. The great irony was that the bulldozer operator whom Corrie was trying to harass did not see her at all. Had he seen her, Corrie’s strategy of forcing the dozer to back down in the game of chicken would have worked.

After commiting suicide, Corrie was beatified by the anti-Jewish anti-American Left, turned into the patron saint of the jihadniks and their leftist amen choruses. It is not surprising that Counterpunch runs a piece this week by a propagandist trying to convince readers that Corrie was something other than a 23 year old dupe of terrorists. It is written by one Alison Weir, who runs an anti-Israel web site called “If Americans Knew”. The site presents tendentious statistics showing that more Palestinians have been injured or killed in recent years than have Israelis.

This is supposed to “prove” the Israelis are in the wrong, and is about as convincing as an attempt to claim that Americans were the aggressors in World War II because the numbers of Americans killed by Germany and Japan were fewer than the Japanese and Germans killed by the Americans. In typical Jew-bashing leftist manner, Weir ignores the fact that the Jews in question were murdered in cold blood, while the Palestinians killed were either terrorists or civilians caught in the crossfire when Palestinian terrorists opened fire from amongst civilians. The actual number of innocent Palestinian civilians intentionally killed by Israel is a great big whopping zero.

In Weir’s parallel universe, ” Congress is intimidated into denying her parents’ right to an investigation of the American ‘ally’ who murdered their daughter.” Congress would be better advised to investigate who is funding Weir’s little web site and maybe also investigate parents like the Corries who cavalierly send their children off to war zones to promote terrorism and interfere with anti-terror operations by democracies.

As Dennis Prager wrote:

“Rachel Corrie chose to side with a society that breeds some of the cruelest murderers of innocent people in the world. Rachel Corrie gave her life trying to protect people whose declared aim is to annihilate another country. In the name of saving children’s lives, Rachel Corrie chose to defend a society that teaches its young children to blow themselves up and which deliberately targets children for death. And Rachel Corrie went to America’s enemies to burn her country’s flag. “

My personal wish for the parasitic Corrie family is – well, I’ll keep that wish to myself.

Rachel Corries’ family is suing Caterpillar

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