Quotes from representatives of the “religion of peace”

I want to make it clear that:

even if all the refugees had returned (which will not happen);

even if the Jews gave up their call to take al-Aqsa Mosque (which they will not do);

even if the Jews returned to 1967 borders (which they will not do);

even if they did all of that there should be never peace with the Jews.

— al-Aqsa sermon; Friday; January 12; 2001 —

Oh Muslims;

Its time for us to realize that we will not win our battle as long there are rulers over us like Mubarak who keeps saying that “Peace is strategic option”. We should overthrow such rulers and appoint in their places a leader who calls for “Jihad for the sake of Allah” and works sincerely for this goal.

– – Al-Aqsa speech; June 15; 2001

Oh Muslims;

The way out from this “dead” end to the case of Palestine is by preparing the Muslim armies to fight the Jews and to remove Israel from existence; We should all work to pull out this case from the hands of the Palestinians and return it to all Muslims.

– – Al-Aqsa Speech officially sanctioned by the Palestinian Authority; June 29; 2001