Questions by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

1. If it is normal to fear and avoid violent death, are the Arabs a normal people, and, if not, can Jews make peace with such a people?

2. Is it not natural or normal to hate those who murder your loved ones? If Jews do not hate Arabs, are Jews a normal people?

3. Why do Arabs hate Jews far more than Jews hate Arabs?

a. Do Arabs love their kinsmen more than Jews love their fellow Jews?
b. Do Arabs feel shamed or disgraced when Jews kill Arabs? (Do Jews feel disgraced when Arabs murder Jews?) Do Arabs have a deeper sense of honor and of shame than Jews?
c. Do Arabs feel that a Jew killing an Arab is not only an offense against Arabs but against Allah?
d. Do Arabs love Allah more than Jews love God?

4. Do Arabs regard killing Jews praiseworthy? Do Jews feel this way about killing Arabs?

5. Do Arabs regard Jews as evil?

6. Do Jews regard Arabs as evil?

7. Has the Jewish attitude toward killing their Arab enemies been influenced by Christian precepts?

8. If Jews—e.g. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon or Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz—are reluctant to avenge the murder of Jews by Arab terrorists, is this the result of a diminished sense of justice or moral cowardice?

9. Can Israel survive if its ruling elites fear world opinion?

10. Who is more cowardly, an Arab terrorist who kills Jewish civilians, or Jews who refrain from killing terrorists to avoid killing Arab civilians?

11. Should Arab non-combatants be regarded as such when they permit terrorists to dwell among themselves?

12. Do Arabs kill Jews to obtain financial support from Arab states?

13. Do Arab leaders want Jews to kill Arabs in order to raise money and foment further hatred of Jews in the Arab world?

14. Do Arab leaders use suicide bombers not merely to kill Jews but to raise money as well as sustain and intensify Arab hatred of Jews?

15. Do Arab terrorists use Arab “civilians” not merely as human shields to protect themselves but as cannon fodder to undermine Israel’s international “image”?

16. If victory in war means imposing the terms of peace on the vanquished, did Israel win the Six Day War—even if it returns to the pre-war borders and the Arabs cease to feel defeated?

17. Did Israel win the Yom Kippur War? Before the war the Arabs regarded the Jews as Invincible. After the war Arab pride was restored and they no longer regarded the Jews as invincible. Who won that war?

18. Pundits say Israel has won the present al-Aksa war. Even if terrorism ceases, will Israel have won this war if Arabs establish a sovereign and independent state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza?

19. Can Israel ever win a war?

20. If the answer to the previous question is No, won’t the Arabs know this and thus be prompted to wage war against Israel until Israel disappears?