Questions raised about Terri’s collapse

WorldNetDaily: Questions raised about Terri’s collapse

For Smooth Stone’s new readers, we want to tell you that there are few things that impassion us more than Israel. Israel greatly beckons our heart, but so do other victims of gross injustice, like Terri Schindler-Schiavo.

Although this blog is devoted to Israel, the Smooth Stone team feels that the inhumane treatment of Terri should not continue without proper monitoring and advocacy, so although Israel is our first love, Terri is our second.

Here is a welcomed article which re-introduces the possibility that Terri’s collapse 12 years ago might have been caused by a physical beating from someone and not from the extremely unlikely reason that has been substituted by her husband’s defense team, a potassium imbalance.

The reintroduction of the idea that Terri did suffer a head injury as a result of a physical beating is being frontiered by the foremost forensic pathologist, Michael Baden.

Please click here to read more about Dr. Baden’s opinion.

Michael Schiavo, we’re all on to you.

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