The Quandary of Arab Denial

For all of the oil revenue that has flowed into the wealthier Arab countries, consider the overall state of the Arab world:

* It does not produce a single manufactured product of sufficient quality to sell on world markets.

* Arab productivity is the lowest in the world.

* It contains not a single world-class university.

* The once-great tradition of Arab science has degenerated into a few research programs in the fields of chemical and biological warfare.

* No Arab state is a true democracy.

* No Arab state genuinely respects human rights.

* No Arab state hosts a responsible media.

* No Arab society fully respects the rights of women or minorities.

* No Arab government has ever accepted public responsibility for its own shortcomings.

We live in a self-help world – we can’t force reform upon Arab states. If Arabs prefer to dream of imaginary triumphs while engaging in fits of very real savagery, then they are their own ultimate victims.

Various ideas and words for this article are attributed to Ralph Peters, columnist for the New York Post, and his article entitled “Tragedy of the Arabs.”

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