Qaeda’s Zawahri says peaceful reform *impossible*

Folks, I mentioned this event earlier, but I want you to read what one of the foremost representatives of the fake religion of peace, Islam, has to say about non-Muslims and Jews. How much clearer can this be? Sort of obviates the search for “root causes” of terrorism, n’est-ce pas?:

Al Qaeda’s deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri called for an armed struggle to expel “crusader forces and Jews” from Muslim states and said peaceful change was impossible, in a video tape aired by Al Jazeera on Friday.

A calm-looking Zawahri also urged Palestinian militant groups not to lay down arms against Israel or take part in parliamentary polls.

“Expelling the invading crusader forces and Jews from our Muslim homes cannot be realized solely through demonstrations and speaking out in the streets. Reform and expelling the invaders from Muslim countries cannot be accomplished except by fighting for the sake of God,” Zawahri said.

“We cannot imagine any reform while our countries are occupied by crusader forces which are spreading throughout our land,” said Zawahri, wearing a white turban with a rifle beside him.

Read more about the fake religion of peace and their plans for non-members of their hate club, here.

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