Qaddafi: Arab summit prepared in the USA, he plans to deport all Palestinians

From Ma’an News, an Arab news source:

The Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, has told Al-Jazeera satellite channel that the agenda of the Arab summit was prepared in the USA and that
Libya boycotted the summit because the Arab leaders demonstrated recklessness at the last summit.

He told the channel that he feels sorry for the Arab leaders as they can do nothing in the face of American pressure.

Speaking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Libyan leader said he believes that the only solution to the conflict is to build one state for the two people. He also said that he is planning to send all the Palestinians living in his country – some 30,000 – to Israel to prove that there is no solution to the conflict and because he refuses to be part of the deal which intends to sell the Palestinian people and issue, which he said the Arab leaders are complicit in.

Qaddafi also said that he admires US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice because of her colour and African origins, and because she has reached such a high position in the USA government.

The colonel defended Hamas and said that it was boycotted because they want
to liberate all of Israel, referring to ‘historic’ or pre-1948 Palestine.

He also praised the resistance in Iraq and said that this is the right of all people, adding that all people they have the right to fight occupation. Speaking about Iran, he said he supports the Iranian ambitions to have nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, but he criticized the super powers of the world because they want to monopolize this power and prevent the third world countries from having this technology.

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