Q & A: The end of the 16th Knesset

Folks, here’s a Q&A on the Israeli political process specifically related to Sharon’s request for permission to issue an order dispersing the current Knesset and calling for new elections in accordance with Article 29 of the Basic Law: Government. Some of the questions answered in the article are:

Q. Why did Prime Minister Ariel Sharon go to President Katsav on Monday?

Q. Since Sharon went to Katsav in the morning, why did the Knesset approve several private members’ bills in the afternoon calling for new elections?

Q. What dates are at issue?

Q. Why is the election date so important?

Q. What happens next, after the private members’ bills calling for new elections passed the Knesset in preliminary reading?

Q. Will the new party receive the campaign funding money that its MKs would have been entitled to had they remained in the Likud?

Q. How will the calling of new elections less than three months before the beginning of the new fiscal year affect the budget?

Click here for the answers.

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