Pups For Peace

Pups for Peace is a common sense, innovative program being developed for a previously nonexistent problem: the wide-scale use of suicide (homicide) bombings and bombing attacks against a civilian population.

New circumstances and challenges spawn new techniques and solutions. The Pups for Peace program is just such an effort.

Why support Pups for Peace?

It will save lives due to both the actual early warning/detection of attacks that would be provided and the deterrent effect it can have on suicide bombers;

It engages “man’s best friend” to help protect us and bring normalcy back to day-to-day life;

It directly confronts and combats terrorism;

It is emergency support for Israel in a time of crisis;

It is simple, practical, and can provide relatively immediate results.

The immediate funding goal is to recruit, train, and deploy 1000 dogs and handlers. This will cost approximately $9 million. So far, over $2 million has been donated by non-profit corporations, private foundations, and over 1300 individual donors.

It is noteworthy that the overall cost of the Pups for Peace program simply is not that great, relatively speaking, in terms of the promise of lives that can be saved.

If you believe that terrorism against Israeli civilians will not soon stop, the money you give today could pay for the trained dogs that save the lives of innocent men, women and children in the near future. Please GIVE NOW! Make a gift of life.

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone for more information about fundraising, call 1-800-669-8930.

Pups For Peace – Donation

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