Protecting Hezbollah

Guess which country has agreed not to disarm the terrorists? Via FrontPageMagazine:

Last week’s lifting of the Israeli blockade over Lebanon certainly pleased the Lebanese people who, alone, had to pay the price for the fundamentalist Hezbollah’s monopoly over the decision to launch a futile war against Israel on behalf of Iran and Syria. The Lebanese people alone will, for years to come, bear the consequences of this destructive and inane war that turned the clock back 20 years on the Land of the Cedars and forced a quarter of a million Lebanese to leave their country for greener pastures.

Neither the Lebanese people nor their government had any say in the start of the war or its end. They had no say in the blockade or in its lifting, nor did they have a say in the drafting of UN resolution 1701 according to which the fighting stopped. This resolution which, unfortunately, was not passed under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, did not fulfill the dire need for imposing a complete and lasting peace.

Read the full article on Lebanon’s impotence, here.

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