The “prophet” Muhammed

Folks, have you noticed the pairing of “prophet” with “Muhammed” in the mainstream media reports? The two words are always paired together. The “Prophet Muhammed”

Well, when I quote MSM articles on my blog which refer to Muhammed as the capital-lettered prophet, I most times reach into my HTML toolbox and use the Strike Close Strike tag or I just delete the word “prophet”. I refuse to pair the two words together.

Muhammed is not my prophet nor is the city of Mecca holy. It’s absurd for the white-knuckled MSM to assign capitalized letters in what can only be deemed as their desperate attempt to Arabicize persons, places and things – all over the world!; we see it all the time when references are made to “East” Jerusalem or the “Holy” city of Mecca. There is no such place as East Jerusalem, although Jerusalem does have an eastern quarter. It is akin to Manhattan having an eastside and a westside.

I have visited Manhattan and its theater district which is on the westside of Manhattan but I never saw the theater district referred to as being located in “West” Manhattan.

If a reporter were to write a story today which referred to Communist East Berlin, his editor would call him on the carpet.

Communist East Berlin hasn’t existed for years. But if that same reporter were to write a story referring to another fiction, “Arab East Jerusalem,” no correction would be made, even though “Arab East Jerusalem” hasn’t existed since 1967.

The MSM turns into putty when it realizes that Muslims read their websites.

In a nutshell, the MSM is made up of white-knuckled cowards.

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