The Promise of Democratic Peace – Condoleezza Rice (Washington Post)

From The Promise of Democratic Peace – Condoleezza Rice (Washington Post):

Who truly believes, after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, that the status quo in the Middle East was stable, beneficial, and worth defending?

How could it have been prudent to preserve the state of affairs in a region that was incubating and exporting terrorism; where the proliferation of deadly weapons was getting worse, not better; where authoritarian regimes were projecting their failures onto innocent nations and peoples; where Lebanon suffered under the boot heel of Syrian occupation; where a corrupt Palestinian Authority cared more for its own preservation than for its people’s aspirations; and where a tyrant such as Saddam Hussein was free to slaughter his citizens, destabilize his neighbors, and undermine the hope of peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

It is sheer fantasy to assume that the Middle East was just peachy before America disrupted its alleged stability.

Condi, you left out “…where a corrupt Palestinian Authority enjoyed murdering Israelis for fun and profit, simply because they were Jewish.”

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