Profiling the Dead

Excerpted from Profiling the Dead by Joe Kaufman and Jeffrey Epstein:

The fear, with regard to Islamic funeral services, is that the bodies may be packed with explosives, as what was described in the aforementioned, and then used to blow holes in planes mid-air. Of course, this scenario cannot occur if the bodies are checked before being boarded onto the aircraft. Unfortunately, according to industry sources, inspection of caskets or shipping containers with the deceased inside – out of respect for the dead – does not take place.

In the war on terrorism, measures that would normally be thought of as unconventional, if not entirely offensive, need to be taken to protect the security of the nation. The profiling of the deceased is but one of these measures – and certainly one that should garner more attention than the examination of passengers’ mascara or ChapStick. In the end, saving lives is all that matters.

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