Prof. Eugene Narrett: Fight against the Merciless Nation

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Fight against the Merciless Nation, 19 July 2006 by Prof. Eugene Narrett

The situation in which Israel finds itself is not new but it is a particularly vivid example of its position in the world, and not only since 1948 or 1920. Edom and Ishmael for millennia have acted if they are hardwired to slander, pillage, and murder Jews “saying, ‘come, let us blot them out from nationhood that Israel’s name not be remembered anymore” (psalm 83).

I read that a favorite tehillim of Rav Kook reflects the position of Israel today and in so many centuries: “Judge me, God, and fight on my behalf against a merciless nation.”

Israel has been attacked by and is being warred on by merciless nations, Ishmaelites armed, equipped, often trained and diplomatically explained by Edom. They are merciless to Jews and howl when there is even a very limited Jewish military response to wholesale rocket attacks on cities of Israel.

In order to find and enjoy peace. Israel must declare and wage all out war on these merciless nations. “Just as they show no mercy to you, so you shall show no pity to them.” The nation that murdered Eliahu Asheri, the grandma and little grandson in Tzefat [Meron] must be obliterated without mercy as David HaMelekh teaches in psalm 22. Then and only then will Israel enjoy the blessings of peace.

David is our greatest teacher on how to create the conditions in which the teachings of Moshe Rabbeinu can flourish. This indeed is how Moshe instructed Yehoshua: “be strong and of good courage.” Those enemies are like bread for us… Now! every rocket that falls on Israel demonstrates the bad faith of the Israeli government and its failure of the Jewish people.

Eugene Narrett

new book, “Israel and the Endtimes”

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