Pro-Israel? Read this petition

I’ve been asked to publish a link to a petition although I have to confess I’m unenthusiastic. The Euros won’t be convinced by this writ and it is in Israel’s best interests that the Eurabians keep their blood-stained hands off of her.

I especially choke over the lines:

“Britain and France have been involved with the Middle East since the end of the 19th century, the United States since 1945. These nations have tried to bring self-determination, democracy and human rights to countries across the globe since World War II. They learned that compromise and mutual respect are the only road maps to peace.”

Not bloody likely.

Nevertheless, I am publishing the link here since I believe in defending the sovereign and legitimate nation of Israel. If anything, it will draw attention to the Eurabian cowards who are too frightened to challenge Hanan Ashwari’s compulsion to villify Israel each chance she gets.

Hanan Ashrawi has already launched an anti-Israel petition for the meeting with European leaders and PA officials scheduled for January 21 2005 in London. She is calling for European leaders to put pressure ONLY on Israel. Their efforts must not exceed ours. Please sign this petition and send it to everyone you know. It will be delivered to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Presidents Bush and Chirac and EU Commission President Prodi. We cannot let such appeals go unchallenged. We must let these leaders know that the only road to peace is through reforming the PA so it conforms to basic principles of statehood. We must urge the international community to pressure the PA to change its destructive pattern of misgovernment, extremism and incitement. Only then will there be a real chance to build a lasting peace.

Although I doubt it will ever happen.

Read and sign the petition by clicking here:

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