Presbyterian Church must reverse its anti-Semitic personality

The Presbyterian Church’s divestment resolution is anti-Semitic because NO OTHER nation is being singled out for divestment, not even those whose violations of human rights are truly egregious.

Only the moral blindness of Jew-hatred could lead the Church to compare Israel’s multi-racial democracy to apartheid South Africa.

Only anti-Semitism could lead the Church to condemn democratic Israel, while not voting divestment from Saudi Arabia, where women have virtually no rights and non-Muslims are not even permitted to enter the country without special permission, from Sudan, where race-based genocide is occurring even as we speak, from Iran, where Bahai are murdered for their faith, or from the many other countries where human rights are violated as a matter of routine.

We CONDEMN the Presbyterian divestment resolution as an act of hatred against Israel and the Jewish people and call for its immediate revocation.

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