Pray for wounded & missing soldiers as of 22.8.06

Received by email:
Pray for the safe return of all of our soldiers and pilots, who are still in southern Lebanon and Gaza.

Please pray for all the wounded soldiers. Obviously many of them are not on this list. 22 soldiers are in very serious condition. Two soldiers are critical and their lives are in danger.

If anyone has names of more wounded soldiers please send them to and we’ll add them to this list. Please also keep us updated on the condition of the wounded:

HaShem Yerachem (May G-d have mercy)

First of all we want to thank G-d:

For the miraculous healing of Eldad ben Esther Elhami who was very seriously wounded with head injuries and has woken up after 9 days of coma. All the doctors say it was a miracle.

For the miraculous recovery of Shabitai Maoz who was critically wounded (enosh) in Lebanon, and is now recovered.

For the miraculous recovery of Tomer Bochadana who was very seriously injured.

Wounded soldiers:

Yitzhak ben Rivka seriously wounded Tyre.
One of the navy commandos seriously wounded in the incursion into Tzur (Tyre), Lebanon, is still in serious condition.

Assaf ben Lillian –only one who survived an anti-tank missile attack and is in very serious condition

Idan ben Yonah – very seriously injured

Amit ben Nava- very critically wounded

Netanel Mordechai ben Hinda Fayga- paratrooper with 3 kids & another on the way
ROI AVRAHAM BEN SARA hurt badly in tank, 2 other people in same tank killed. Broken collarbone and damage to lungs.
Nadav ben Esther Malka
Yiftach Bezalel ben Leah
Yonatan ben Rachel
Yoav ben Yehudit
Dror ben Esther

Or Bar On – lost both legs- He’s a young musician who plays guitar all day in the hospital from his bed. He amazed everyone, when he said from his hospital bed, that if he was able to have helped his country in some way, then he didn’t regret having lost both of his legs.

Eran Perry – has lost a leg and needs months of rehabilitation
Arik Dayan has lost leg & needs months of rehabilitation
Eviatar Cohen- severe injuries left hand
Ron Naveh
Dimitri Kalman
Jacques bar Lev
Nimrud Salbin
Shai Shem Tov
Tsafrir Goldberg
Aviv Saroussi
Carmel ben Sarah Harrari
Shai ben Bat Sheva
Moshe ben Hana
Naftali Boaz Mordechai ben Menucha Chana
Ariel ben [son of] Janette
Sha’ul ben Shulamit
Gal ben Shoshana
Yuval ben Yehudit
Guy Yosef ben Ela
Amichai ben Orah
Gideon ben Yehudit
Elro’i Rafael ben Galia Glynis
Tzur Pinchas ben Sarit Sara Rivka
Yogev Menashe ben Bruriah

Please keep up your prayers for our missing soldiers especially in light of fact that our government accepted UN agreement that didn’t call for their unconditional release:

Gilad ben Aviva (Shalit), Wounded and kidnapped by terrorists who had made a tunnel from Gaza into an army base in Israel and then dragged him into Gaza on 25.6.06.

Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser) and Eldad ben Tova (Regev), kidnapped by Hizbollah terrorists on the Israeli-Lebanese border 12.7.06.

Israel has 5 other missing soldiers:

Guy ben Rina (Hever), disappeared near the Syrian-Israeli border in the Golan Heights in August 1997;

Ron ben Batya (Arad), captured when his plane was downed over Lebanon in Oct. 1986;

and Tzvi ben Pninah (Feldman), Yekutiel Yehuda Nachman ben Sarah (Katz), and Zecharia Shlomo ben Miriam (Baumel), all captured at the Sultan Yaaqub battle in Lebanon on June 11, 1982.


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