Portrait of a Palestinian Suicide Bomber

From Portrait of a Palestinian Suicide Bomber:

Research showed that economic hardship was not the motive behind most suicide bombers as the majority of the bombers belonged to relatively affluent families. The majority of those who carried out such attacks were pursuing higher education and came from stable families. Thus it is difficult to link poverty and suicide operations.

See also How the PA Makes Suicide Bombers:

What drives a young Palestinian to turn his body into a bomb? Children are not born hating. It is something they learn – and the Palestinian Authority has been the ideal teacher. The first step is to promote hatred by demonizing a target group, portrayed as so evil and threatening that killing its members is seen not as murder but as justified revenge and admirable self-defense. As part of the PA’s incessant demonization of Jews and Israelis, PA TV has been running daily video clips with actors depicting Palestinian prisoners going through horrific torture at the hands of Israeli guards.

But it’s not enough to establish Israel as the enemy. The terrorists who kill Israelis must be seen as heroes and leaders of society. There are no greater heroes and role models in PA society than terrorists. Summer camps and sporting events are routinely named for terrorists. The PA Ministry of Culture recently produced a poetry collection named for the woman terrorist who killed 21 in a Haifa restaurant.

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