The politics of appeasement

Received by email from JasherTUR:
I will not get into the tragedy that has befallen the innocent Lebanese civilians during the current crisis other than to say that all, including the Israelis (but excluding Hezbollah) agree that their predicament has been a sad one. If there is indeed, as many claim, a “silent majority” of rational folks in Lebanon that are against Hezbollah’s hijacking of their country, they are quickly losing their chance to speak out for themselves or act to oppose those who’ve placed them in harm’s way.

While the recent battle has been terrible for the innocents, today’s UN Resolution to put an end to Israel’s military action will frankly ensure that the people of Lebanon will lose this golden chance to win their said goal in the overall war for true independence. The politicians, appeasers and compromisers will see to it that the status quo that existed before will creep back into existence with but negligible real change and Lebanon will remain for all intents and purposes a satellite and tool of Iran and Syria with no more inner reform than has occurred within the “Palestinian” leadership since Arafat’s demise. This UN resolution is not an occasion for joy or relief or optimism. No, rather it is a harbinger of the defeat of progress and a sign that the impending day of reckoning is still on track leading directly to the Endtimes. That Israel’s current leadership (the gutless Olmert & Co.) is willing to agree to this bogus ploy of the Islamic toy, the UN, is proof aplenty that things will remain the same and that all the inroads made toward removing an evil menace from its borders will have been in vain and ultimately that his original plan to give away half of Israel will again ascend. It takes quite the idiot to step backwards in the face of victory and – mark my words – that is just what has happened. Israel was on the brink of crushing for a long time to come the specter of aggression from its northern front and this accord will do nothing but ensure that threat remains. This is very sad news indeed. Had Israel the courageous leadership to have seen this action through to the total defeat of Hezbollah and therefore the insidious machinations of Iran and Syria, it could have secured its future (and Lebanon’s) for at least another generation. Today’s UN resolution nips that fortuity in the bud.

Many of my Christian and Jewish friends have asked me if I think the current crisis means we are on the edge of the prophesies of the end days coming to fruition. To the best of my knowledge I said, yes and no – yes, the ground work is clearly being laid, but no, I believe there will be a time yet before the final headlong acceleration to Armageddon begins, but not as much as could have been. That said, this UN resolution doesn’t surprise me and I think it is merely another brick in the road that will someday soon pave the way to even larger scale stakes that will, as the Bible tells us, draw the entire world to the precipice of destruction at Jerusalem’s gates.

That’s my take anyhow.

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