The Polish Uprising

Here is a link to an account of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising written by one of its leaders, Marek Edelman:

This is a booklet, a pamphlet, the date is unknown. It starts like this:

I am not acquainted with the young author of this booklet, one of the leaders of the Jewish Uprising. He brought me a typewritten copy, and I read it all at once, unable to interrupt my reading for a single moment. … “I am not a writer, ” he said. “This has no literary value. ” However, this non-literary narrative achieves that which not all masterpieces can achieve. For it gives in serious, purposeful, reticent words a record, simple and unostentatious, of a common martyrdom, of its entire involved course. It is also an authentic document about perseverance and moral strength kept intact during the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind.
–Zofia Nalkowska, LODZ, November 1945

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