Police prepare for Nov 17 demonstrations in Prague

Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld says that “the Europeans forget that it was American power that saved them from their own self-destruction and that American armed forces are still stationed in Germany 60 years after the end of World War II. They can afford to be pacifists because they expect America to do the fighting for them. But America cannot give them the babies to halt the depopulation of Europe or stem the Muslim invasion.” I add, every nation will be accountable to HaShem. Righteous citizens of Czechoslovakia, take heed. From the Czech News Agency:

Eight hundred police officers and city policemen will be on alert in Prague on the public holiday of November 17 due to a demonstration planned by the Jew-hating group called Autonomous Nationalists and other events to be held in Prague, Prague police spokesman Jiri Wolf told CTK Wednesday.

The Autonomous Nationalists have announced the event will be “the last farewell to freedom of speech,” referring to the police intervention against the neo-Nazi march last weekend.

Participants in the event at Palackeho namesti square are to arrive dressed in black, preferably with wreaths, candles, flowers and black flags.

The Anonymous Nationalists’ event on November 17, the public holiday commemorating the start of the Velvet Revolution that led to the overthrow of the Communist regime in 1989, is to be held at Prague’s Palackeho square, called Prague Hydepark, where events can take place without any official permission.

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