Police Admit Collaboration in Bedouin Ambush of Jewish Hikers

This sort of Israeli-sanctioned participation in the suppression and arrests of their fellow Israelis smacks mightily of Olmert’s / Peres’ virtual Vichy regime. It’s the identical philosophy of moral capitulation, compromise and relative equivalency to appease Israel’s enemies by cooperating with them in undermining Israel’s legitimate and sovereign possession of her own land and the righteous defense of it. Via INN:

A police detective admitted in court last week that police forces hid as Bedouin Arabs attacked Jewish hikers, and then jumped out to arrest the Jews who fought back.

The incident occurred last Tuesday, on the third day of a week-long “Land of Hilltops Trek” from the northern Shomron to southern Judea. As the 200 youths and adults passed by Maoz Esther (near Maaleh Michmas, between Jericho and northern Jerusalem), they were attacked by Bedouin Arabs with clubs and rocks.

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