Poisonously Biased

We already knew this about Christiane Amanpour, the biased arabist “journalist” from CNN. From Poisonously Biased:

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has set a new standard – and not the kind a news network usually trumpets. “God’s Jewish Warriors,” her two-hour screed against Israeli settlers and American supporters of Israel, is the most poisonously biased and factually shoddy feature to air on mainstream American television in recent memory. To demonstrate the supposed threat of Jewish fundamentalism, the few cases of Jewish terrorism – a handful spanning decades, with each one overwhelmingly denounced by Israeli society and with those involved arrested, tried and jailed – are elaborated on at length and cast as a profound peril. Amanpour is similarly deceptive and manipulative in other depictions of nefarious Jewish power, respectfully interviewing both Jimmy Carter and John Mearsheimer, and giving not the slightest hint of the gross factual errors in the charges leveled by the two controversial figures whose recent, incendiary allegations against Israel have been extensively debunked. Amanpour declares bizarrely that “the 40-year tug of war over Jerusalem began when Israel bulldozed the Arab neighborhood next to the Western Wall and built a plaza where Jews now pray.” Obviously, the modern battle over Jerusalem “began” 60 years ago, when the Arabs attacked in 1948 to destroy the newborn State of Israel, seizing the eastern side of Jerusalem, including the Jewish quarter of the Old City. Every Jew was expelled or killed and all synagogues were destroyed. Thereafter, for 19 years, no Jew could pray at the Western Wall and Christians had limited access to their holy sites.

Amanpour, you might be a superstar on CNN, but to me, you’re dirt.

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