Plots sold to Muslims near Temple Mount

Mecca and Medina are not enough for the murderers, thieves, and interlopers. They want our Holiest site, the Temple Mount, too.

The Arab chairman of a committee that serves as a go-between between police and east Jerusalem residents is selling burial plots to Muslims just outside the walls of the Temple Mount in an area classified by the state as an archeological site and national park, according to a petition filed Thursday with the High Court of Justice by a right-wing activist.

The area in question lies adjacent to the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount, where Jordanian engineers are carrying out repair work on the 2,000-year-old wall, in the direction of the walled-up Golden Gate, where Jewish tradition holds the Messiah will enter.

With burial space fast running out at the nearby ancient Muslim cemetery, Arab residents burying their relatives have, over the last 18 months, begun encroaching on the new site.

Folks, did you notice that the word “ancient”, above, is paired with “Muslim cemetery” and “2,000-year-old-wall” is paired with the Golden Gate.

Is not a “2,000-year-old-wall” also ancient?

Mohammed was born in Mecca in 570 AD, possibly on April 20, sharing the same birthday as Adolph Hitler. (I can NOT deny the similarities between the two. Can you?)

Around the year 610, while meditating, Muhammad reportedly had a vision of the angel Gabriel and heard a voice saying to him “You are the Messenger of God.” Around 613 AD Muhammad began preaching in public. The religion he preached became known as Islam. And there it was, in 613 AD, that Islam was invented.

Now, folks, take hold of a calculator.

Enter 2005 minus 2000 to determine the approximate age of the Golden Gate.

Enter 2005 minus 613 to determine the approximate age of Islam.

Which is more “ancient” to you, 5 AD or 613 AD?

Plots sold to Muslims near Temple Mount

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