Plot foiled to use AIDS-tainted blood in terror attack in Israel

An attack using AIDS-infected blood was among several planned suicide attempts, two by women, that security forces thwarted over the Passover holiday.

One of two Tanzim activists caught at the end of March told interrogators the group that sent them had planned a series of other attacks, including one with a device to which blood infected with AIDS would be attached.

Sa’id Salah, 19, of Jebalyah refugee camp, was arrested at the Katif bloc barrier on April 5.

He told interrogators he was supposed to be one of three suicide bombers, who were to blow themselves up simultaneously in one of the large cities.

The three – from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah – planned to wear IDF uniforms for the bombing.

Another woman, 19, of Nablus, was arrested a few days later. She had been ordered to carry out a suicide bombing, after her family discovered she had been romantically involved before her marriage.

Murderers, all.

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