Please Remember This

Please know that whenever someone uses the term “occupied territories” to describe Judea and Samaria, they are helping to promote Palestinian propaganda and to further the big lie that the current dispute is based on what happened after the Six Day War.

The correct term is “disputed” territories.  You can only occupy land if it belonged to a sovereign state and you then took it over.  Judea and Samaria never did. Israelis have as much right to settle there as Arabs, and far deeper historical roots in the land.  There is nothing in the least illegal about it. In the history of warfare, Israel was the first victor who immediately wanted to negotiate land for peace, only to have the losing side reject the offer.  Israel is still willing to negotiate, as long as these lands aren’t used (as they are now) as safehouses for terrorists.

A very long and informative article on this subject is available at DISPUTED TERRITORIES: Forgotten Facts About the West Bank and Gaza Strip Foreign Ministry of Israel – February 2003

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