Pimple-faced refuseniks: IDF employs apartheid regime

The group of oily-skinned youths that signed a letter two weeks ago refusing to “be soldiers of the occupation” hung banners saying the same from Tel Aviv highway bridges Thursday.

Two of the cowards, Omri Evron, 19, and Lior Wolinic, 18, were meant to enlist in November, but both declared they had no intention of doing so.

Wolinic explained, “Any type of service in the IDF contributes to the occupation. It doesn’t matter if I serve in the Kirya in Tel Aviv or as a Kashrut supervisor; it’s all part of the occupation and apartheid regime employed by Israel against the Palestinians.”

Their parents must be so proud. Too bad they didn’t teach their children that Israel is one of the few countries in the world to welcome their African brothers , in their case the Ethiopians to their predominantly white country and give them full citizenship and rights. If you look at the images of the Israelis killed in Palestinian, Hizbollah, Hamas and PA (Tanzim) terrorist actions –you will see the faces of old men and women, young Russian teeage girls, babies, as well as soldiers. You will see the faces of white European Jews, Jews from Arab countries, Jews from all over the world, Ethipian Jews as well as the faces of Israeli Arabs, Kurds and the occasional Philipine or Romanian citizen as well as a Greek Orthodox priest. At least where it comes to murder–Palestinians do not discriminate.

Too bad these two refusenik dummies don’t know about the historic second class status of Jews and Christians in Muslim life and theology. The whole reasons Gaza exists in the first place is because the Egyptians would not allow the Palestinians into Egypt.

Talk about apartheid. Arab nations prefer the Palestinians to remain just where they are so they can serve as a diversion from the enormous mismanagment that characterizes nearly every current Muslim government.

All human beings are entitled to food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and education. We all have a responsibility to ensure that others have these things. But that’s a completely different discussion.

Criminal gangs like the “Palestinian People” don’t have legitimate claims to what they’ve stolen.

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