Photos of Taliban Posing in Dead Soldier’s Uniform Shock France

Via TimesOnline and CNN:

A picture of a Taliban fighter in the uniform of a dead French soldier drew anger in France Wednesday as the army came under new fire over its conduct in an ambush that killed ten paratroopers in Afghanistan last month.

Paris Match magazine was condemned by politicians, the military and soldiers’ families for publishing a spread of Taliban posing with their French trophies from the battle, east of Kabul, on August 18. These included Famas assault rifles, helmets, body armor, walkie-talkies and a wristwatch that the Taliban asked the magazine to return to the family of the soldier who had owned it.

A Taliban commander identified as Faruki told Match reporters that the insurgents would kill all the French in Afghanistan unless they pulled out of the NATO operation there.

“We are sickened,” a soldier at the French base at Kabul, said of the photographs. “After killing our mates it’s like the Taliban coming and pissing on their coffins,” the unnamed private told Europe 1 radio.

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