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Off-Topic: Pesticide ‘Cocktails’ Linked To Bee Disappearances

From The Fitzgerald Report:

Right under our noses a phenomenon as disturbing as Global Warming is taking place.

Bee hives throughout Europe and North America have undergone partial or complete depopulation since the fall of 2006, an unprecedented loss on a massive scale that has greatly alarmed beekeeper’s and ecologists. In some areas of the world 90 percent of the bees have either died or simply disappeared, a trend which, if unchecked, could collapse much of the planet’s food chain. Most North American food crops are dependent on honeybees as pollinators.

…Most people think that bees just produce honey. They don’t realize that their main function in life, the most important thing to us, is pollination. People don’t realize that without pollinating insects, we won’t have berries on trees and so we won’t have birds. If we don’t have birds, it just works up the food chain.”

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