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Peres proposes mass release of Palestinian prisoners

I don’t know who is more detestable, Ehud Barak or Shimon Peres. From Israel Today:

Israeli President Shimon Peres has proposed that Israel release all 10,000 Palestinian security prisoners it is holding in exchange for the Palestinian Authority finally cracking down on anti-Jewish terrorism, Israel’s Ma’ariv daily newspaper reported on Monday. According to the report, Peres’ plan would see Israel free 2,000 prisoners every year for the next five years as an incentive for the Palestinians to begin dealing with the terrorism emanating from territories under their control. The Palestinians were supposed to start cracking down on terror back in 1993, when Israel granted them autonomy with a guarantee of statehood at some point in the future. Israel National News reported that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert later rejected Peres’ proposal. Many of the Palestinian security prisoners in Israeli jails are guilty of brutally murdering and maiming thousands of Israeli Jews. Many more were caught before they could commit such atrocities.

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