Peres: Hamas Wants to Destroy Israel

Tell us something we didn’t know, Peres. From Peres: Hamas Wants to Destroy Israel:

President Shimon Peres told Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer on Monday in Jerusalem: “We had a rough day in Sderot. Seven rockets fell and almost killed our children. It’s an intolerable situation and there is one address for it – Hamas. There is a limit to how much Israel is willing to tolerate….Israel left Gaza completely. There is not one Israeli citizen in its territory. Today I ask myself why? Why is Hamas shooting? What is its goal? There is only one answer. Hamas is a religious-fanatic organization that does not want a Palestinian state for its people, but wants to impose the dangerous radical religious hegemony that is taking over the entire Middle East and gives a green light to kill innocent people in its name.” “Hamas has one goal,” he said, “to destroy the State of Israel….While Israel is making great efforts to reach peace with the Palestinians, it has a greater duty to protect the lives of its citizens and its children. The terror must stop.”

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