Peace prize winner ‘could kill’ Bush

Nobel peace laureate Betty Williams is now in cahoots with Arafat. Both are Nobel Peace Prize winners and both have the moral acuity of a roach.

Betty Williams displayed her stupidity yesterday, lashing out at US President George W.Bush during a speech to hundreds of schoolchildren. Campaigning on the rights of young people at the Earth Dialogues forum, being held in Brisbane, Ms Williams spoke passionately about the deaths of innocent children during wartime, particularly in the Middle East, and lambasted Mr Bush.

“I have a very hard time with this word ‘non-violence’, because I don’t believe that I am non-violent,” said Ms Williams, 64.

Right now, I would love to kill George Bush.” Her young audience at the Brisbane City Hall clapped and cheered.

“I don’t know how I ever got a Nobel Peace Prize, because when I see children die the anger in me is just beyond belief. It’s our duty as human beings, whatever age we are, to become the protectors of human life.”

Ms Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 30 years ago, when she circulated a petition to end violence in Northern Ireland after witnessing British soldiers shoot dead an IRA member who was driving a car. He veered on to the footpath, killing two children from one family instantly and fatally injuring a third.

Like all left-wing radicals, Betty Williams was curiously silent when Muslims killed Jewish children, as on June 18, 2002, when a Muslim genocide bomber bombed a bus in Jerusalem, killing 18, including children. Or when on May 15, 1974, PLO terrorists infiltrating from Lebanon held children hostage in Ma’alot school. 26 people, 21 of them children, were killed. Or on June 20, 2002 when Rachel Shabo, 40, and three of her sons – Neria, 16, Zvika, 12, and Avishai, 5 – as well as a neighbor, Yosef Twito, 31, who came to their aid, were murdered when a terrorist entered their home in Itamar, south of Nablus, and opened fire. Two other children were injured, as well as two soldiers. The PFLP and the Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack. Or on September 9, 2003, when “Palestinian” genocide murderers from the Hamas terror organisation murdered 14 Israelis in 2 attacks. The first attack was at 17:50 when a Muslim genocide bomber detonated his bomb at a bus stop near the Asaf Harofeh Hospital in Tsrifin (near Tel Aviv) murdering 8 soldiers (5 males and 3 females) and wounding 32 others. The second attack was at 23:20 when another suicide bomber murdered 7 Israelis at a coffee bar in Jerusalem and wounded 42. These 2 cruel attacks were carried out a few weeks after another Hamas terrorist murdered 22 Israelis, including babies and children, on a bus in Jerusalem.

Where was your anger then, Betty Williams, you fraud?

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