The parasites are salivating over the loot they expect by Emanuel A. Winston


The talk of the parasites is over the transfer of what the Jews built in Israel with vision, sweat and hardship. But, the parasites have always fed on what Jews create, build and accumulate.

We watched the Germans confiscate everything that the European Jews had built: homes, furniture, art, bank accounts, factories and, then when that was all in their hands, they stole the gold fillings from their teeth.

Not to be left out, the French did the same. Ask Jacques Chirac about his days as Mayor of Paris when he gave Jewish apartments to his friends, business acquaintances and had stolen art from the Jews hanging on his office walls that had been turned over to the Germans.

The same could be said for the Soviets, the Poles, the Lithuanians, the Croatians, the Dutch, the Swedes, the Finns, the Norwegians, ‘et al’. All the parasites fed on what they could steal from the industrious Jews. Just leave them alone for while and, when they have built what the predators want, they attack and plunder.

When the Jews finally escaped from the graveyards of Europe to Israel, it was the Arabs turn to feed off the Jews. Armies from the surrounding seven nations attacked in 1948 and were ignominiously defeated. They were driven from the field of battle by untrained Jews, some straight off the boat or, at least, those boats the hateful British missed in their blockade.

The Arabs, having lost to a rag-tag army of Jews with junk weapons from the scrap yards of Europe, were enraged. So, like hyenas, they fell upon the property of the Jews in their nations, just like the Nazis with whom they tried to partner up with during WWII. So, like the Nazis, they plundered the homes, factories, farms, bank accounts, inventories of whatever merchandise the Jews carried in their stores. Like the scavaging beasts they have always been, they fell on the loot and whatever the Jews had built.

They drove their Jews out with only clothes on their back. But, the Jews of Israel who themselves had little, absorbed their 750,000 Jewish refugees forced out by the Arab countries and all those Jewish refugees from the death camps of Europe – unlike the Arabs who rejected their 450,000 or so refugees.

Now, with the help of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and, at the insistence of the Bush family and cronies, the Arab Muslim

Palestinian terrorist organizations will have their turn to snarl and hiss over whatever the Jews have built which they never could.

Meanwhile, the corrupt parasites of the West have taken over the negotiations of how they will distribute the wealth and property of the Jews in Gush Katif, Gaza. Like the Nazis and their co-partners, the Europeans, they will be the overseers for the division of the loot.

It was bad enough when the ravenous beasts of Germany gathered the Jews of Europe and plundered all they had – even to the gold teeth of the dead.

But, what is worse is that this creature, for I cannot bring myself to call him a Jew, is the traitor who sold the land he did not own and wants to give their property to the lowest level of the Arabs, the Palestinians who have been murdering Jews for peace since 1993. They are a predatory people driven by a predatory religion. This is Ariel Sharon’s choice of who is to receive his great gift of perfidy.

May all those who feed on the bodies and properties of dead Jews be consigned to be buried in the sewers of Gaza. May their families suffer a thousand fold for their crimes against the Jews. May their nations fail – as have all other nations who fed on the Jews. Cursed be their days; cursed be their nights.

Next Tuesday, the infamous Quartet composed of the U.N., the European Union, Russia and the Arabist U.S. Department of State representing the American Administration will meet to decide the fate of the Jews – much the same as the Nazis did at Wannsee. There Heydrich, Eichmann, among others of Hitler’s executioners met to finalize their Final Solution to their Jewish Question and plan the confiscation of the assets of the Jews.

The State Department wants the Quartet to dispose of the settlers’ properties to the Arab Muslim Palestinians.

They want this transfer of assets done in an ‘orderly manner’. Translate that to mean that Sharon is supposed to deploy a Jewish army to force the evacuation of 8,000 Jewish men, women and children so the Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists can occupy the homes, factories, farms with no resistance. The Jews will protest mightily but they will not lift up a violent hand against the Jewish army – although they may take appropriate action if the Arab Muslims try to take what belongs to the Jews by their work on the land, by their historical roots on the land and by the promise of G-d to the Jews for the land.

Then the Quartet will try to carve up the Jews’ property so the Arab Palestinians will not snarl and fight each other in greedy acquisition of what they could never have built up for themselves.

These are the diseased carrion eaters who feed on the carcasses of the dead. I have no doubt that Jews will die defending their homes and all they have built. But, the hyenas, vultures down to the blue flies of the Palestinians’ will pour in to feed.

May G-d damn their eyes for all eternity.

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