Palistinians doing what they do best: Kassam rocket hits Sderot synagogue after Olmert visit

From Kassam Hits Sderot Synagogue after Olmert Visit:

At least three rockets landed in the southern town of Sderot at around midnight Thursday, one of them hitting a synagogue just minutes after the end of a celebration. A number of people suffered from shock and the building was damaged. The incident took place shortly after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited Sderot and heard the Color Red alert system being activated.

From Barrage Continues: 9 Rockets Hit West Negev:

Residents of Sderot and the west Negev woke up to another day of Palestinian rocket attacks Friday. A rocket hit a Sderot gas station, lightly wounding one person. Two more people suffered shock. A second rocket hit a house in the town and caused structural damages.