Palestinians used Bible as toilet paper. Where was the outrage then?

While Muslims have responded with deadly outrage to the now-retracted report by Newsweak of alleged Quran desecration by U.S. interrogators, there was little outcry three years ago when Islamic terrorists holed up in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity reportedly used the Bible as toilet paper. Where was your outrage then, Michael Isikoff and John Barry, you gutless wonders?Catholic priests in the church marking the spot where Jesus was believed to have been born said that during the five-week siege, Palestinians tore up some Bibles for toilet paper and removed many valuable sacramental objects, according to a May 15, 2002, report by the Washington Times. During the 2002 church siege, the muted complaints of Christians under the Muslim-dominated Palestinian Authority gained little traction. The Palestinian gunmen, members of Yasser Arafat’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, seized church stockpiles of food and “ate like greedy monsters” until the food ran out, while more than 150 civilians went hungry, the Washington Times report said. The indulgence lasted about two weeks into the 39-day siege, when the food and drink ran out, according to an account by four Greek Orthodox priests trapped inside. A church helper told the Times the quantity of food consumed by the gunmen in the first 15 days should have lasted six months. Angry Orthodox priests showed reporters empty bottles of whiskey, champagne, vodka, cognac and French wine on the floor along with hundreds of cigarette butts. Computers were taken apart and a television set dismantled for use as a hiding place for weapons. Welcome to Palestine, folks, the neo-kleptocracy and Israel’s 23rd Arab nation nemesis.

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