Palestinians Unleash Anti-Israel and Anti-U.S. Messages

Folks, the mendacity and propaganda coming out of the Palestinian horse and pony show knows no boundaries. If it weren’t so cruel, it would be laughable. See, the PA’s print and broadcast media launched a broad propaganda attack against Israel and the U.S. on Friday, including accusations that Israel is planning attacks on Islamic holy sites and is poisoning Palestinian travelers.

For three hours, viewers saw almost non-stop anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish incitement, including a long interview with an armed terrorist who, in April 2002, had holed up in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

After the interview, a map of Israel-Palestine appeared on a background of fire superimposed with video images of Arabs carrying children and suitcases being replaced by religious Jews wearing skullcaps and beards.

On the weekly show “Good Morning Jerusalem,” telephone callers consistently berated Jews in general and the “Jewish enemy” as well as the “American-Israeli conspiracy,” while the show’s host thanked them.

Palestinians Unleash Anti-Israel and Anti-U.S. Messages

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