Palestinians Teach Hatred of Jews in Many Ways

The Palestinian Authority goes to great lengths to promote hatred of Jews and Israelis and one of the ways is through hateful videos which are broadcast, often, for hours a day.

The latest example of the indoctrination of “Palestinians” to hate Jews and Israelis and to urge them to murder them, is now in a new hate video. In addition, the Palestinian Authority TV has taken the music of the Microsoft video game, Halo, and incorporated it into this same video.

This video, shown six or seven times a day since Nov. 30, depicts still pictures of Palestinian children then superimposes targets on them, as if Israeli soldiers are shooting them one by one.

Palestinian Media Watch says it contacted Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash., which said the use of Halo is unauthorized and is being used by PATV without its permission.

To see the video, click here and treat yourself to another self-portrait of “Palestinian” society.

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