Palestinians Slam Israel U.N. Resolution

The Palestinians have asked that a U.N. committee reject a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children victimized by Palestinian terrorism, saying the document is political and insensitive. [Smooth Stone: LOL. Like all the other hundreds of UN resolutions Arab states have sponsored against Israel are apolitical and thoughtful.]

“This is an anti-Palestinian resolution much more than it is a pro-Israeli children resolution,” the Palestinian U.N. observer Nasser Al-Kidwa said Monday.

Israel circulated the draft last week the first resolution it has introduced since 1976.

Ariel Milo, the spokesman for Israel’s U.N. Mission, said the vote on the draft will reveal whether the General Assembly “thinks that the lives of Israeli children are less important than those of Palestinian children.”

The Israeli draft closely mirrors a resolution adopted by the General Assembly last year by a large majority on the plight of Palestinian children affected by more than three years of conflict in the region.

Egypt submitted a similar draft two weeks ago for the current session of the General Assembly, and it was approved by the committee dealing with social and humanitarian issues. The same committee was expected to take up the Israeli draft on Wednesday or Thursday.

Al-Kidwa told reporters the Palestinians “were not amused” at having the format of their resolution copied. [Smooth Stone: Seems like the Paleo’s don’t have a sense of humor].

“This reflects a complete lack of sensitivity with regard to the suffering of the Palestinian children,” he said, adding that Israel had added “absolutely unacceptable political substance in each paragraph.”

Al-Kidwa said the case of Palestinian children was unique because they are “deprived of every single right in the Convention on the Rights of the Child from statehood and nationality up to the physical safety. It is not the case of any other child in the world.” [Smooth Stone: True. Not every child is taught in pre-school how to murder Jews.]

Al-Kidwa told reporters that European nations have already said they will abstain. The United States opposed the draft resolution on Palestinian children, but a U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Monday “we have not yet taken a position” on the Israeli draft.

For years, Israel has refused to take seriously the numerous resolutions Arab states sponsor annually, which almost always condemn Israel’s actions against the Palestinians while making little, if any, mention of Palestinian attacks against Jews. (AP) [Smooth Stone: A keen observation.]

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