Palestinians shouldn’t run with scissors

Folks, be warned, this link will take you to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, where no Jew is regarded as being worthy of the receipt of loving kindness. From Palestinians Killed, Injured Misusing Weapons in Gaza.

On 15 March, Mohammad Abu Asi, 17, was killed due to the explosion of a home-made grenade he was playing with in Gaza City.

On 15 March, three men were injured in an exchange of fire between two neighboring clans in Gaza City.

On 14 March, Yousef Abu Thuraya, 59, was injured with a bullet wound to the head as his son was playing with a weapon inside the house in Deir El-Balah.

On 13 March, Mufleh Abu H’jayer, 61, was injured by a bullet in the chest during a clan dispute in Al-Mughraga village.

On 10 March, Osama Abu Jazar, 16, was injured by a bullet in the left foot fired by mistake from a firearm belonging to a member of the Palestinian Preventive Security Force in Rafah.

On 8 March, Mohammad Abu Hasanein, 20, was injured by a bullet in the foot as he was playing with his personal firearm inside his house in Deir El-Balah.

And not one Jew is being blamed for these “mishaps”. Perhaps there *is* hope that “palestinians” will evolve and be culpable for their own behavior. Perhaps not.

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