Palestinians prepare flags to fly over Gaza, Israel

Folks, the pA has ordered 60,000 palestinian flags, being sewn in workshops in Gaza City, to fly over the homes and communitites of deported Jews after the pullout in August. 35,000 other flags will carry the logo of Abbas’s Fatah movement, and 20,000 will be imprinted with pictures of Abbas and Arafat.

Flag-making has been a booming business in Gaza, thanks to orders by palestinian militant groups for banners bearing the symbols of armed factions and for Israeli flags to be burnt at rallies.

Folks, one day the pA will fly a thousand white flags – just like their arab brethren did when they surrendered and ran in fear in 1967 and during the Gulf War in 1991. Their purchase of flags is just pomp and circumstance. Once the dust settles, they’ll turn on each other just like crocodiles turn on their young.

Don’t let your heart be troubled, folks. What goes around comes around and the palestinian terrorist scourge will have to answer for their crimes against humanity on Judgement Day.

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