“Palestinians” may rename towns after Arafat and Yassin

Palestinians are planning to rename the settlements in the Gaza Strip “to erase any memory” of Israel’s presence in the area.

How Muslim of them. Muslims have, historically, destroyed non-Muslim culture anytime that they have conquered one. This is what Muslims are currently doing on the Temple Mount, Saudi Muslims are routinely shredding Bibles, Muslims have no hesitation in destroying Jewish cemeteries — after 1949, the Jordanians used Jewish headstones for latrines, Muslims destroyed the great Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, the list goes on. Destruction of other people’s cutures is their foul-stenched trademark.

Folks, if Muslims were to leave the artifacts, archaeology, and buildings and statues, gardens and libraries of other cultures intact, they would be reminded of their own failure in contributing anything positive to civilization. Let’s face it, Muslim Arabs stopped contributing to the world several hundred years ago.

Here are some examples of feats that Muslims take credit for, but some research I did proved otherwise:

The common system of number notation in use in most parts of the world today is the Arabic system. Muslims always claim this as a one of their great contributions. The fact is however, this system was first developed by the Hindus and was in use in India in the 3rd century BC. Pope Sylvester is credited with introducing this system to the west, not Muslims.

Muslims also claim that Algebra (an Arabic name) was indeed devised and developed by an Arab. The truth is the history of algebra began in ancient Egypt and Babylon. The Alexandrian mathematicians Hero of Alexandria and Diophantus continued the traditions of Egypt and Babylon, but Diophantus’s book Arithmetica is credited.

Muslims claim that Arabs used the Greek ideas of Geometry and introduced Trigonometry. The names of ‘Cosine,’ ‘Algorithm,’ and ‘tangent’ were derived from Arab names. However, the world uses Greek symbols such as Theta, Beta, Alpha, and Omega. Ancient Greek mathematicians include Euclid, Pythagorus, and Archimedes and they are the authors of most mathematical theorums that the Arab mathematicians could only ponder.

Muslims claim that almost half the stars you see in the skies above you were discovered by Arabs. Achernar, Arcturus, Deneb, Fomelhaut, Altair, Aldebaran, Mizar, Cappella, Rigel, etc. The fact is the twelve zodiacal signs for the constellations were named by the 2nd century astronomer, Ptolemy. Most of his life he lived and worked in Alexandria. At a time when Egypt was ruled by Romans, Alexandria was the center of widespread Greek culture, and we know that Ptolemy wrote his works in Greek. Since his first name was Claudius, it is believed that he was of Roman background.

Muslims claim that the prototype of the watch (the astrolabe) was an Arab Muslim invention. At perhaps the same time as Ptolemy, however, Indian astronomers had developed a trigonometric system based on the sine function. Late in the 8th century, Muslim astronomers inherited both the Greek and the Indian traditions, but they seem to have preferred the sine function. Based on this theory, the astrolabe, needing sine parameters, was improved, but it was not invented by Muslims.

Muslims claim that they are the founders of modern Chemistry (Alchemy). They started by trying to turn rocks into gold, but realized that they can separate elements instead. The fact is the first culture to consider these ideas scientifically was that of the Greeks. From the time of Thales, about 600 BC, Greek philosophers were making logical speculations about the physical world rather than relying on myth to explain phenomena. Since Muhammed wasn’t born until 570 AD, there were no Muslims yet and therefore, can not take credit for the discovery of dyes, pottery, glazes and glass, which are separated elements.

Arab Muslims celebrated and preserved all the works of Archamedes, Ptolemy, and many other Greek scientists or phillosophers. But when the Muslims burned down the Library at Alexandria, which included the works of non-Muslim scholars, they ensured the loss of all evidence that could prove that other cultures existed before theirs.

Arabs claim they diagnosed and treated small pox, black pox, and meningitis. This was in the first pharmacy clinic in Baghdad. But leprosy, small pox, and other maladies were already described in the book of Leviticus in the Torah, the One and Only Holy Book of the Lord, Gd HaShem, Blessed Be His Name.

Muslims claim that they built the first observatory as a scientific institution in the 11th century. The earliest known astronomical observatories were built by the Chinese and the Babylonians about 2300 BC, way before 570 AD.

Muslims claim that the cause of the rainbow was described by Qutb Al Din Al Shirazi. However, the first correct explanation of the phenomenon was advanced in 1666 by the English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton.

Muslims claim that they have built the most beautiful architecture, often quoting the Taj Mahal as an example in evidence. Often ignored however, is the great feat by Muslims of the destruction of churches throughout the Muslim region where Islamic mosques were built on top of Christian churches and where bones and tombstones from the graveyards of Jews were used as decorative ornaments.

There you have it folks. Muslims claim ownership on everything although history proves that they were interloping, conquesting murderous thieves, who stole what other cultures had created and originated. Many palestinians do not know or believe there is an ancient Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. The official Waqf guidebook to al-Haram al-Sharif, the Arabic name for the Noble Sanctuary, says there is no historical or archaeological proof that the temples were built there.

Muslims want to de-Judaize Israel but I assure you, it ain’t gonna happen.

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