Palestinians in Lebanon Won’t Disarm

Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon may end the foreign army presence, but armed foreigners certainly remain.

The UN resolution that forced Syria to withdraw says Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias should disarm, but the Palestinians say they won’t.

After reports that Syrian intelligence officers are present at the Haret al-Naameh and Qosaya bases of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Lebanese lawmaker Nematalla Abi-Nasr asked, how can the government “explain the presence of military bases…that are equipped with heavy weapons?”

Abi-Nasr said the UN team that will verify Syria’s withdrawal should also inspect the two bases.

While Palestinians in Jordan and Syria enjoy the same rights as the citizens of those countries, the 400,000 Palestinians in Lebanon are barred from work outside the camps.

Palestinians in Lebanon Won’t Disarm

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