Palestinians have no morality

It is hard to imagine a people for whom blowing oneself up in a crowd of innocents is not considered an act of barbarism. Yet it is hard to escape the impression that the Palestinians, even today, remain such a people. How else is one to interpret the antiseptic Palestinian response to Monday’s atrocity in Netanya, in which five were murdered and 55 wounded?

“I believe that this harms Palestinian interests and is another act to sabotage efforts to revive the peace process and to sabotage the Palestinian elections,” said Saeb Erekat. But is it wrong? Is there anything morally wrong with slaughtering innocent Israelis?

One can hardly ignore the fact that the most popular Palestinian groups and individuals seem to be those most associated with terror against Israel.

The notion that Palestinians arrogate to themselves the right to impose and execute a death sentence on every Israeli man, woman, and child says to us that, in Palestinian eyes, Jews have no right to exist. What the president of Iran and the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hizballah say openly – that Israel should be “wiped off the map” – the terror attacks clearly attempt to put into practice.

Excerpted from An Absence of Morality

Folks, there is no way, no matter how you twist the theology, that the muslim god and the Judeo-Christian G-d are the same. No. Way.

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