The Palestinians’ Greatest Export: Lying

In Jabalya, “The Truth Does Not Help Us” – Donald Macintyre

The message blared through the loudspeakers of many Gaza mosques: “We send congratulations to the people and to Hamas, who tonight killed seven Israeli soldiers in Jabalya. Give thanks to God for this successful operation, which destroyed an Israeli tank, killing all the soldiers inside.” Except that while an explosion did occur near an Israeli armored vehicle on Monday night, no soldiers were killed. “It’s the people that lie to themselves,” said Hussam, an English-speaking Palestinian, bleakly struggling to explain the wishful thinking of many Jabalya residents, despite what looks like increasingly futile armed resistance. “The truth does not help us.” (Independent-UK)

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On Tuesday, many in Jabalya believed that as many as 47 Israeli soldiers had been killed in overnight fighting in the Gaza Strip. They passed out candy to celebrate. In truth, no Israelis died, but residents interviewed clung to the belief that “resistance fighters” had scored a big success. The constant buzz of Israeli surveillance drones could be heard everywhere, though the small unmanned aircraft – capable of missile fire – were not visible, which only heightened the sense of apprehension. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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