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Palestinians elect Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas was elected Palestinian Authority president Sunday.

Here’s what he said on June 11, 1998:

On the Palestinian Covenant:

“…The [Palestinian] National Council did not vote to annul

the [Palestinian] Covenant, but rather announced its

readiness to change the Covenant under certain terms. If the

terms are met, it will be amended. Otherwise, the Covenant

will remain as is. The Covenant has yet to be changed, and

this is better understood by the enemy than by our own


— Secretary General of the Arab Liberation Front Mahmoud

‘Abbas, otherwise known as Abu ‘Abbas. The Israel-PLO

Accords of 1993 required the Palestinian National Council

to amend the Covenant, which calls for Israel’s destruction,

with no further conditions attached.

(Al-Bilad, 11 June 1998. Translation courtesy of MEMRI.)

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