Palestinians burn Gaza Synagogues

Folks, you already knewthat the palestinians do not posess moral compasses. For one, they don’t believe in a loving god and therefore are not motivated by loving-kindness, and two, they were always uncivilized, superstitious and hateful, so much so, that it would be foolish of anyone else to think that palestinians could live up to anyone’s standards of civility or decency.

As a result, who would be surprised to read that the palestinians set Jewish synagogues in Gaza on fire. Synagogues in Netzarim, Neve Dekalim, and Kfar Darom were torched as well.

Palestinian police were unable to contain the mobs. “Tomorrow we’ll liberate all of Palestine,” the Palestinians yelled. Early Monday, PA Chairman Abbas said synagogues in evacuated settlements will be destroyed by the PA.

Imagine if Jews torched mosques. Imagine that, folks. The palestinians would be crapping in their diapers declaring jihad and the media would be all over the story like white on rice. There are two different standards in this world, folks; one is for Muslims and one is for the rest of the civilized world.

If any of you thought that palestinians would elevate to a higher plateau while the world’s spotlight was upon them at this point in history, I’m sorry to have to tell you, but you’ve been duped, folks. Except for those who are educated and who have studied the fabircated history of the “palestinians”, the rest who believed that palestinians would be civilized or even humbled by Israel’s gesture for peace, are just fools and ignoramuses.

The whole notion that palestinians can live in peace under the Israeli flag but the Jews have no right to live at all under the Palestinian flag is simply pig headed and is lost on the general public I am afraid. The only reason why the IDF had to “occupy” Gaza in the first place was to protect the Jews that lived there from getting slaughtered.

Let us never lose sight of that, folks. It was never the falsified and exagerated injustice of the “Israeli Occupation” that caused Jews to leave Gaza. Instead it was the desire of the Arabs to slaughter us and our love for life that made us leave.

Muslims love death but Jews love life. That’s what separates us from them and that’s why our Gd is not the same as their god; if our Gd were the same as their god, Muslims would be imbued with loving kindness for others instead of hatred and jealousy. That I am certain.

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