Palestinian Truck Seen Leaving Eli

Palestinian Truck Seen Leaving Eli

This afternoon a black truck with a yellow cab and Palestinian Authority license plates was seen leaving Eli at 1:00 PM. Eli is a mostly religious town near Shilo in Samaria, and under the authority of the Binyamin Regional Council.

Eli can be added to the list of towns, including Ofra, which even allows Palestinian Authority vehicles to enter. Such vehicles can also be seen periodically parked just within the main security gate to Shilo and Shvut Rachel.

Please click the link to the Binyamin Regional Council and demand to know why Palestinian workers are still allowed into YOUR towns.

You have a right to know why you lives are being endangered, and why any business in your town has been awarded to Palestinians and not to residents of your local area.

You may also e-mail Eli’s Ravsha”tz (Security Chief) bitachon@eli.co.il, or call him 052-4201402.

Make sure to e-mail the town council head Kobi Eliraz eli@eli.co.il or call him at 054-2339002.