Palestinian television: Suicide is most glorious death of all

Death by carrying out a suicide operation is one of the most glorious ways to die and is rewarded with eternal paradise and 72 dark-eyed virgins, according to a religious instruction broadcast last week on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ state-run television.

The lesson, delivered by a PA religious cleric, instructed Palestinians to strive for a violent death in which the martyred corpse has “no head, no legs, his body completely burned . . . intestines outside, fingers . . . gone.”

“Oh God, bring us back [to earth] to be killed by the Apache. Bring us back so that the planes will blow us up, that our heads will be cut off from the body,” proclaimed Sheik Imad Hamato on official PA television run by Abbas’ Fatah party.
According to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch Hamato urged Palestinians to die in jihad.

“There is one thing that causes Allah…to elevate his worshipper 100 levels in Paradise, and each level is like the space between heaven and earth. And what is this thing, Allah’s prophet [Muhammad]? It’s the Jihad for Allah. Jihad for Allah.”

The Palestinian sheikh uses Islamic doctrine to justify suicide terrorism. Citing the Hadith, or Islamic oral tradition, Hamoto compares a friend of Muhammad who was killed accidentally using his own sword to the perpetrator of a suicide bombing.

“[According to the] Hadith: One of the Prophet Muhammad’s good friends was preparing a bow and arrow when his own sword struck him and killed him… Is he considered a Shahid or not? Did he commit suicide? It’s like the conflict today! One who exploded with a bomb. People talk about whether or not he’s a Shahid.”

“They said: ‘The man died from his own weapon, and not from the weapon of the enemy.’ Answered Prophet Muhammad: ‘He died in an attempt to be a holy warrior… And his reward for that was doubled…'”

Homato explains Allah blesses the “first blood” of the suicide bomber, who “sees his place in paradise, is shielded from the great shock and marries 72 dark-eyed maidens.”

He says proper suicide bombers understand disfiguring their bodies as a result of an attack is the “most wished for” fate of all.

“A man, when he sees one of his brothers being killed for Allah, those we consider Shahids for Allah, he sees [for example] a person with no head, no legs, his body completely burned. Yes? Intestines outside, fingers are gone, it’s a difficult image. The most difficult thing which we fear is what the Shahids wish for most of all.”

Homato’s speech in which religious status and the reward of 72 virgins is granted to the suicide bomber is commonplace on Palestinian television and among terror organization in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Hamas’ official charter uses interpretations of the Quran to justify suicide operations and calls for the murder of Jews to “hasten the day of judgment.”

In a recent interview with the senior leadership of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the declared “military wing” of Abbas’ Fatah party, overall Brigades leader Ala Senakreh called suicide terrorism “not violence. It is jihad for Allah.”

There is no greater way of leaving this earth than to martyr yourself while killing Jews,” Senakreh said. “Allah elevates this martyr in paradise for his special [operation.]”

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